Alonso warning to Vettel: Next time I’ll hit him


Unimpressed with Sebastian Vettel hogging the track at Interlagos, Fernando Alonso says next he may him so that he understands that the track is “for all of us.”

The double World Champion battled his Ferrari replacement in the final stint of the Brazilian Grand Prix as they fought over seventh place.

In the tricky wet conditions they went wheel-to-wheel with Vettel passing Alonso up the inside at Turn 10.

The McLaren fought back around the outside at the next corner only for Vettel to push him off the track.

“There was a tarmac run-off and I used it and nothing happened,” Alonso said.

“But if there’s a wall there, I either drive into the wall or into him, which is what I will probably do next time.

“I’ll crash into him and he will lose more points than me.”

He added: “There will come a day in which someone will have to hit him so that he understands the track is for all of us.”

Alonso left Brazil with one point to his tally as he made a few late passes to work his way back inside the points.

“I started 10th and finished 10th, and there were some retirements in front of me, so we definitely didn’t take some of the opportunities that presented themselves out there.

“The conditions were extremely difficult. Sometimes it was just enough to keep the car on track. There was very poor visibility and the drainage on the circuit wasn’t great – I had some aquaplaning which made it hard to push the car and close the gap ahead.

“In the end, we scored one point.”