Alonso: Wolff just doing his job


Fernando Alonso has supported Toto Wolff's decision to warn Max Verstappen not to get involved in his drivers' title fight, saying the Austrian is "doing his job."

Wolff courted controversy when it was revealed that he phoned Verstappen's father, Jos, so that he could warn the 19-year-old to stay out of the title fight.

The Mercedes motorsport director has been criticised for that phone call, which he called a "non-story", however, not everyone believes he was out of line.

"First of all, I don't know if its true or not, so it is difficult to comment," Alonso said.

"But as a concept I think Toto is doing his job. 

"There are two guys driving their maximum, there are mechanics changing tyres in less than two seconds, and there is a team principal trying to win the world championship."