Alonso’s quip to Hamilton over data sharing


Fernando Alonso says Lewis Hamilton’s call for data sharing to be banned is “strange” and maybe if he’d paid more attention to Nico Rosberg’s, he would have won the 2016 title.

Hamilton recently spoke about his desire to see data sharing amongst team-mate’s banned as it allows drivers to make use of others’ hard work.

“I go out, do my laps, do all my homework, [and] the other guy can see everything,” he in a interview with Mercedes sponsor UBS.

“I have asked my team. I don’t want to see my team-mate’s.

“I don’t feel it’s fair that he brings his A-game and I should be able to study his A-game on a computer.”

Asked about Hamilton’s comments during Friday’s launch of the new McLaren MCL32, Alonso not only called Hamilton’s comments “strange” but quipped that maybe it would have helped him had he paid closer attention to Rosberg’s data.

Last year the German beat Hamilton to the World title by five points.

“He said many times that he was learning from the data,” Alonso said.

“Mercedes are one of those teams that are using more of the data between the engineers to help the drivers, so he said something that was a little bit strange.

“If he was watching more data from Rosberg last year, maybe he would have won the championship!”