Verstappen still ‘angry’ over Austin penalty

Date published: October 26 2017 - Editor

Max Verstappen has admitted he could have "different words" in his post-race interviews in Austin but is still angry over the penalty that cost him a podium spot.

The Dutchman took centre stage in the first part of the drivers' press conference in Mexico and he faced plenty of questions about the incident which saw him escorted away from the podium with Kimi Raikkonen taking his place.

Verstappen would not name the steward he referred to as a "idiot" in his interviews, but his feelings about the decision remain unchanged.

"My thoughts are pretty similar," Verstappen replied when asked whether his views have changed over the last few days.

"Emotions always run high after a race, especially when you have been taken off the podium, which I still think I deserve.

"The punishment was not correct because everyone was running off the track in Turn 19, 8 and 9, even at Turn 6.

"The fans loved that it was a great move and then you are told you are gaining an advantage. If I was gaining an advantage I would be doing it every single lap."

"It's quite normal that I get angry, especially with all the drivers doing and I'm the only one getting punished."

Verstappen expressed some regrets about his choice of words, but believes that does not make the decision any less of an injustice.

"Of course I could have used different words but at the end of the day I still feel the decision is not correct," he added.

"I can't change what I said and it was not meant for anyone. I was not trying to offend anyone otherwise I would have named them."