Aston Martin could be used to persuade Ferrari to stay


Aston Martin believe the prospect of them becoming an engine builder could be used to entice Ferrari into remaining in Formula 1.

Ferrari have not welcomed Liberty Media's engine proposals for 2021, in fact the Scuderia have threatened on several occasions to quit the sport.

But while Ferrari are considering walking away, Aston Martin are debating entering as an engine builder.

Red Bull's title sponsor are interested in the new engine rules and Aston Martin president and CEO Andy Palmer reckons if they enter, Ferrari may yet decide to stay on.

"Liberty obviously want a new engine [for 2021]. They want to move the sport on," Palmer told F1 Racing.

"The incumbent teams don't want to change the engine very much.

"In the old world, they would have won, wouldn't they? Red Bull at one moment were left out in the open.

"But now they've got someone sitting behind them saying, 'If you write the rules like this, we might be interested in providing an engine'. Now there's an alternative.

"Now, when Ferrari threaten to leave the sport, Liberty can go, 'well, Aston and Ferrari, same kind of space, same kind of customer type, maybe it's not such a bad thing if you want to leave'."

However, should Aston Martin opt to become an engine builder, Palmer concedes they cannot do it on their own.

"I'm not under any illusions about how difficult doing an F1 engine would be – I'm a powertrain engineer originally," he added.

"If we're really going to simplify, and cap development costs, there's a possibility we could be involved.

"But if I were to get involved, I'd do it with partners.

"If we can, we will, but we are not going to provide an engine to Red Bull that's going to sit at the back of the grid."