Aston Martin step up Formula 1 interest

Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Aston Martin have been recruiting staff with Formula 1 experience as they continue to assess whether they will join the sport as an engine supplier.

Aston Martin have already taken the next step in their partnership with Red Bull by becoming their title sponsor for next season, and now they are bringing the expertise on board to potentially develop a Formula 1 engine.

“I’m sure we have the technical capability,” Aston Martin president and CEO Andy Palmer told when asked about engine development.

“Some of the people I have recently recruited, coming in from Ferrari, means I have the brainpower to be able to develop a Formula 1 engine.

“The question will be whether the cap on the expense of doing that is affordable to a company like Aston. That’s the big difference between a small company like Aston and the big boys like Renault or Mercedes Benz.

“The people I have recruited have associations with the F1 side in the past and also the roadside. So I have an interesting mixture now of technical capabilities.”

Engine regulations for 2021 are reportedly going to be revealed on October 31, with a budget cap framework set to be put into motion on November 7 at the next Strategy Group meeting.