Aston Martin weighing up two key factors


Aston Martin chief executive Andy Palmer is in negotiations with what role they can play with Red Bull next season, but two key factors will dictate whether they join as an engine supplier.

The engine regulations for the 2021 season onward are currently being constructed with the hope they could attract new manufacturers to Formula 1.

Aston Martin are one potentially interested party and are looking to increase their involvement with partners Red Bull next season.

If they are to join as engine suppliers, however, Palmer wants to see cheaper costs and a sport that provides entertainment.

"I'm negotiating what we look like in the sport for next year but it's somewhat predicated on what the 2021 engine regulations look like," Palmer told Sky F1's Martin Brundle on his Singapore grid walk.

"If we can get more theatre back into the sport, and if we can reduce the cost of the engine, then Aston might be interested in producing an independent engine.

"And with that independent engine, with that destination in mind, it would make sense for us to increase our participation, even as soon as next year.

"Hopefully we will know [about the new regulations] by the end of the year."