Barrichello not giving up on F1

Date published: November 10 2011 - Editor

Rubens Barrichello is desperately seeking a way to remain in Formula One next season amidst rumours that Kimi Raikkonen will take his race-seat.

The Williams driver, who has been in Formula One for 19 seasons, looks set to be dropped for next year’s Championship after Williams admitted to holding talks with Raikkonen about a possible return to F1 in 2012.

However, Barrichello, who went through a similar situation in 2008 before being handed a lifeline when Ross Brawn bought the Honda F1 team, is adamant he’s not yet ready to walk away from the sport.

“It is a tough one. I’m calling, and just waiting for people to call back,” said the Brazilian.

“I’m thinking like I thought in 2008, just positive, although I might go into my home race without any confirmation of anything.

“But I’m not saying goodbye to my fans. I want to be there next year, taking the risk.”

Asked whether he wants an answer from Williams before the season-ending Brazilian GP, which could prove to be his swansong, Barrichello said: “Ideally I would have signed a five-year contract in mid-July!

“I just have to wait and see. I’m very motivated, but I’m having to wait for an answer. God wishes I’m on the grid for my 20th year.”

As for the possibility of Raikkonen taking his race-seat, Barrichello said: “Everyone is in contention, and everyone has something good to give to the team. There are no down sides.

“I have to think for myself, to believe my principles are right, so I can’t talk bad about Kimi, about anybody.

“We’re all in contention. I just have to hope I’m the better option.”