Barrichello recovering in hospital


Rubens Barrichello is “feeling great” as he recovers in hospital after being admitted earlier this week.

The former F1 driver, who retired from the sport at the end of the 2011 season, posted a message to his fans on Instagram in which he revealed he had been taken to hospital after suffering a “terrible” headache.

Barrichello is still undergoing tests but says he is feeling much better already.

“I can see everyone is sending me messages and everyone is worried,” he said. “A long time not positing pictures and so on, so I decided to tell you.

“On Saturday I decided to wake up and have a shower. I felt a terrible headache.

“Luckily my wife was there and she called a friend doctor who took me to the hospital, they they took really good care of me.

“I had a small problem on a vein, but I want to tell you that I am feeling great.

“I am still going through exams and so on, but I am honestly great and the difficulties in life are the ones who show us how to grow and how to be better.

“I am so thankful, thank god for the opportunity and soon I will be back on the race track. So good to speak to you guys.”