Berger won’t be surprised of a Rosberg comeback


Former McLaren and Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger said he wouldn’t be surprised if Nico Rosberg returned to the sport after announcing his retirement, given that he departed at such a young age.

Rosberg and Berger have a seemingly close relationship, with the latter being in charge of contract negotiations between the World Champion and Mercedes.

Suggesting that he may not return straight away, Berger added that the 31-year-old still has plenty of his years left to return fit and healthy.

“It may be that in two or three years he could say to himself ‘I do not want to sit at home anymore’,” he told Austrian broadcaster Servus TV.

“I could imagine him getting bored.

“The chance is there, especially when he leaves so young and at his peak. No matter what business he gets into, nothing compares with the feeling of driving these cars and standing on the podium as a winner.

“Even if Nico says today that it does not matter to him, I can imagine him getting bored in a few years.

“It will be particularly difficult for Nico because of his age. If you’re at the age where you can no longer do what you used to do before, it’s different.”