Bottas: I can be aggressive


Valtteri Bottas says he is willing to take "calculated risks" and adopt an "aggressive" approach in order to win grands prix.

Although the Williams driver has seven podium finishes to his name, he has yet to claim his maiden grand prix victory.

Last season Williams were largely blamed for that with some questioning their conservative strategies.

That point was again raised this year at Silverstone where the team took the lead off the line and yet failed to even reach the podium.

But while Bottas concedes that one cannot win a race without finishing it, he is confident he can adjust to an aggressive approach when fighting at the front.

"If you want to get some good points or if you want to win the race, first you need to finish the race," he told Autosport.

"If you take risks, it's better to take calculated risks then silly ones.

"I calculate things ahead quite a lot, considering if it's worth taking a risk or not.

"My style is always consistent, but I think that probably many people haven't seen that when it counts for the win.

"In fighting for the win, or with important positions, I can be aggressive so I think at some point we will see that."

The Finn is hoping to demonstrate that point before the season is out, saying the first job is to catch Ferrari after which they'll go after Mercedes.

"Mercedes is so far ahead at this point that I think it could be possible if they were for some reason unlucky, but then we would also need to be in front of the Ferraris.

"I think if we could catch Ferrari then that dream might become closer.

"We've been on the podium in a couple of races this season so that's good – it's not bad, but obviously we want more.

"The most positive thing is that we've been able to score more points at the beginning of the season than what we did last year.

"As well as that, all the bits we put on the car always make the car quicker so that's a good thing.

"If we can continue that then we can be closer.

"Winning – I don't say it's impossible; it's tricky at the moment but of course we always try."