Bottas: Mercedes must make downforce gains

Date published: August 19 2017 - Editor

Valtteri Bottas is still expecting a "tricky season" as work still needs to be done on Mercedes' "maximum-downforce" package.

Bottas stated that Ferrari are strong through the corners and, while he expects the next two races to suit Mercedes more compared to Hungary, Mercedes still have plenty of work to do to keep the Scuderia at bay.

"I really think the next at least two races on paper should be a bit better for us [than Hungary] compared to Ferrari," Bottas said. "But I think we've made some good progress.

"We definitely do have work to do, they are quick through the corners, and we need to work on that.

"We need to work on our maximum-downforce package, that's the main thing.

"There are still a lot of tracks to come that require a lot of downforce.

"Spa is more about efficiency, Monza is very low-downforce, then Singapore is about downforce again.

"We are really working hard and trying to get the car better, because if we don't make any progress, it's going to be a tricky season, for sure."