‘Bottas to Ferrari but only in 2017’

Date published: May 4 2015 - Editor

Valtteri Bottas is off to Ferrari but only in 2017, that's according to "pretty good sources" at Finland's MTV3.

Last week Formula 1's rumour mill swung into high gear as reports spread suggesting that the Williams driver has a "preliminary agreement with Ferrari next season."

But it now seems that is not entirely true.

With Williams having an option on Bottas for next season and Ferrari having the same – and looking set to exercise it – on Kimi Raikkonen, F1 will have to wait until 2017 to see the 25-year-old in red.

According to "pretty good sources" for Finland's MTV3's Oskari Saari, Bottas "denies making any other commitments" while waiting for Williams' decision.

Saari continued to state that "no letter of intent have been signed" between Bottas and Ferrari.

However, when the time does come to Ferrari to replace Raikkonen, they will look to the "next best option" which is believed to be Bottas.