Boullier: Alonso is running out of patience


With Fernando Alonso publicly stating that McLaren-Honda’s only problem is the “power unit”, Eric Boullier acknowledges that his driver is running out of patience.

After two years struggling with their Honda engines, McLaren had hoped to make a flying to pre-season testing.

That hasn’t happened.

Instead both Alonso and his team-mate Stoffel Vandoorne have been hampered by their Honda power unit with reports claiming that there have already been seven engine changes since the start of testing.

And Boullier says Alonso is beginning to lose patience.

“Yes [he’s losing patience] but that doesn’t mean he’s going to step out,” the McLaren Racing Director told Sky F1.

“He’s a competitor. Since he rejoined McLaren, people were predicting a lot of problems but he’s still here.

“Is he running out of patience? Yes of course, like me.

“But we have to be professional, we have to address everything to make sure we do it properly.”