Boullier: McLaren’s ambition is to win


McLaren-Honda boss Eric Boullier has claimed that they way too ambitious to celebrate a double-points finish at the Monaco Grand Prix as their desire is to win.

With driver Fernando Alonso finishing 5th and Jenson Button placing 9th, Boullier explained that although they were proud of their achievement they have set high goals for themselves so just finishing in the points is not something to be overjoyed about.

The McLaren boss added that since the Spaniard and the Brit are such excellent drivers it was expected of them to take advantage of the rain and it was not surprising that they were able to make due with a car lacking pace.

“No, not celebrating," the Frenchman explained.

"We just did the job, we have good drivers, this is a good team, we delivered the strategy so it is a good reward for the guys and the drivers as well because I think Fernando and Jenson both enjoyed the race.

"But McLaren's ambition is to win, so obviously we're not very excited. We should not say this because we need to be happy.

"It's a good result for the team, good to get the points and to have taken your opportunities but this is the least you expect from us, so I'm not excited by this.

"We need to keep working, we were expecting to be a bit more competitive [in Monaco], we were not, we know why now. That’s it, we just need to keep working, Monaco is a one-off."