Boullier ‘not sure Ferrari is a threat’


Eric Boullier reckons McLaren can take on Ferrari at the upcoming Monaco GP as he is “not sure Ferrari is a threat.”

On a race-track where horsepower counts for little, the Racing Director heads to Monte Carlo positive about McLaren’s chances.

Last season the Woking team scored their first points of the championship in Monaco as Jenson Button crossed the line in eighth place.

This season, Boullier expects both drivers to be inside the points.

He told Autosport: “On paper we could be between six and eight, I think.”

However when it was suggested that McLaren could line up behind Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, he all but wrote off Ferrari’s chances.

“Ferrari, not sure. Not sure Ferrari is a threat,” said the Frenchman.

“Red Bull, definitely, Toro Rosso, who have quite a good car, and Mercedes.”

And the reason he believes McLaren could get the better of Ferrari is because Boullier rates McLaren’s chassis as the third best on the grid.

“Last year we were third, but close with Williams and Ferrari,” he added.

“Now it is Mercedes, Red Bull, ourselves, then Ferrari, Toro Rosso and Williams.

“They are clearly behind now.”