Boullier: We don’t know what Liberty Media has for F1


Following the purchase of Formula 1 by Liberty Media, McLaren racing director Eric Boullier has revealed that they are eagerly waiting to hear their plans.

At the recently concluded Singapore Grand Prix, Formula 1’s new chairman Chase Carey visited the paddock for the first time.

However, Boullier claimed that his appearance was just a welcome for him by all those currently involved in the sport.

“We don’t know exactly what their plans are,” Boullier underlined.

“They have just come here to introduce themselves and that is it so far. I guess there will be more and more discussions and developments in the future.

“I guess also there are just here to get a little bit of a taste of what Formula 1 is exactly from the inside, from the paddock and from the drivers. We will see later.”

Honda boss Yusuke Hasegawa also expressed his opinion, which was similar to his McLaren colleague.

“I am not in a position to tell something about that, but also it is still not clear to us,” said Hasegaw.

“But for Honda the stability is very important. That is the only thing I can say.”