Boullier would back the return of active suspensions


As suspensions dominate headlines ahead of the new season, Eric Boullier says he would support the return to active suspensions.

Active suspensions have been banned from Formula 1 since 1994 but with ‘trick’ suspension systems now in play, the subject was discussed during a recent meeting between the FIA and F1’s technical directors.

Ferrari are reportedly wanting the FIA to rule against the ‘trick’ suspension systems used by Mercedes and Red Bull, which adjust ride heights and produce greater downforce levels in corners through the use of a third suspension element.

Boullier, though, believes the FIA should rather bring active suspensions back into play.

“Suspension, it’s a funny topic,” the McLaren Racing Director told Autosport.

“We should maybe one day stop it and copy the road car, which is to bring active suspension back, because at least it will close the debate.

“Today, everything is subject to the interpretation of the regulation and then you can push for one concept, which you can see can be differently interpreted from another one.

“This is why Ferrari is trying to push its opinion or interpretation being valid by the FIA.

“We’re in the middle of this and actually, most of the teams have contacted us over this topic.

“Ferrari has a different interpretation of what can be done and they try to push their opinion through which obviously does not please some other teams.”