Bratches: Some races need better promotion


Formula 1 commercial chief Sean Bratches has said Liberty Media will do everything in their power to help all circuits provide a better experience for the fans.

Classic tracks such as Silverstone and Monza have struggled with funding in the past and while the new owners have vowed to protect their place on the calendar, Bratches does believe that better promotion will help toward finding a solution.

“I think there are some promoters that do a better job at effectuating that experience than others and our job is to find the high water mark,” Bratches said.

“I'm not sure we are there yet. And then drive all the promoters to that level and create experience that people are talking about, that they want to share and create environments from a broadband connectivity that permits digital media sharing and opportunities along those lines.

“We negotiate these agreements with our promoters at an arm's length distance and I think there are a lot of opportunities in the incumbent structures and opportunities for us to work with the existing agreements and exiting promoters to make it better for all parties and in particular the sport.”

Bratches is also keen to see cities, not just the tracks, embrace Formula 1 when it comes to town and give all fans "extraordinary experiences".

“Our promoters are a significant component of how this business operates and an important partner in terms of going back to the theme of fans and how our brand touches fans,” Bratches added.

“Our interest is to create extraordinary experiences, not only on the circuit and on the grid, but also for fans as they spend three or four days at a grand prix.

"We are working very hard with our existing promoters to amplify the opportunities that are prevalent here.

“We are also spending time on looking at ways we can partner with them to inject ourselves to overlay their existing efforts and create continuity throughout our 20 grands prix throughout a season that engage fans and create a big experience, not only at the circuits but in the cities where the races take place.”