Brawn hails Hamilton’s approach


Ross Brawn has welcomed Lewis Hamilton’s direct approach as he is “part of the solution” at Mercedes…

Ross Brawn has welcomed Lewis Hamilton’s direct approach as he is “part of the solution” at Mercedes.

After a shaky start to pre-season testing, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton got in some trouble-free running on Thursday and Friday.

It was the Brit who was behind the wheel of the W04 on Friday, the final day at Jerez, after which Hamilton admitted there is still work to be done at Mercedes.

The 28-year-old’s comments, though, have not been taken the wrong way by his new Mercedes team boss.

“I think we have made it very clear to Lewis that he is part of the solution. You have a choice in a team, are you the problem or are you the solution?” Brawn told the Guardian newspaper.

“He is part of the solution to get us where we want to be. He knows that and he understands that and I think he is relishing that.

“It is correct that he gives his reference points and helps us understand what we have to focus on. Some of it we knew already and that is why restructured the aero group. I welcome that approach.

“It needs to positive and constructive but criticism of the right sort is helpful to a team, it drives you forward.”

That is the criticism Brawn feels Hamilton has been forthcoming with as the former McLaren driver not only has a direct approach but also an attention to detail.

“He is very straightforward. In many ways he is very simple and straightforward. He tells us what he thinks and he is never short of detail in telling you what he thinks and, of course, you learn what level of detail you need to go to.

“He is interested in everything about the car. He is interested in the fact the stickers might not be put properly on the bodywork. He has got a very good eye for detail. I think he is going to be a very involved member of the team, which is what we wanted.

“He is clearly a very talented driver but Formula One is about so much more. There are a lot of highly talented drivers who don’t have the rest of it, but I think he has got the rest of it as well.”