Brawn in, Bernie out?


According to German publication Auto Bild, Ross Brawn has agreed a deal with Liberty Media and the FIA to replace Bernie Ecclestone.

However, it is not suggested when exactly the former Ferrari and Mercedes boss will take up the role, with Ecclestone already confirming that Liberty Media asked him to stay on another three-years following their acquisition.

During an interview with Daily Telegraph, Brawn revealed that he will only come back to F1 as head of the sport and not part of a team.

He also offered advice on how to better the sport in the same interview.

“If you ask me what F1 needs, it needs a plan; a three-year and a five-year plan,” Brawn said.

“My view is we haven’t got the ideal structure for creating that plan and implementing it over time.”

Despite slamming Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda for breaking his trust when he departed Mercedes in 2013, the Austrian team boss still supports the idea of having Brawn at the top of the hierarchy

“If I need to vote for the return of Ross, then I am ready to do that,” Wolff told reporters in Mexico.