Brawn: Simplicity is a key objective for future of F1

Date published: January 25 2017 - Editor

Ross Brawn wants a simpler and more competitive Formula 1 after being appointed managing director of the motorsport.

Formula 1’s new owners Liberty Media have this week revealed a new-look management team after Bernie Ecclestone stepped down as CEO.

Brawn, who was the technical director of successful championship-winning Benetton and Ferrari teams, is looking to “improve the show” by making it easier to understand.

“I think simplicity is a key objective for the future,” Brawn told BBC Radio 5 Live. “I’ve watched F1 for the last few years as a spectator, and there are times where even I haven’t been sure what’s been going on in the race.
“It’s a great sport, it’s a fabulous combination of the drivers and their personalities, their competition, and then the cars and the whole thing. We just need to look at it and see how we are able to improve the show.

“I think the fans want racing, and we haven’t seen too much of that lately.

“We’ve seen a great competition between two drivers in the same team for the last few years, and that’s no fault of Mercedes as they’ve done a fabulous job.”