Brawn’s not in favour of shorter races


Although Ross Brawn is open to some changes in Formula 1, shorter races are not on that list.

Having purchased the sport earlier this year, Liberty Media are determined to make fan-friendly changes to Formula 1.

Last week in Spain, the new owners introduced the Fan Festival, which included racing simulators, a zip line, pit stop challenges and live performances from local DJs.

Paddock passes and photo opportunities were up for grabs as prizes.

But while there has been talk, as there often is, of changing the race weekend format and perhaps reducing the length of the grands prix, Brawn says that is not on his list.

“I like the heritage of a race,” said the Englishman.

“I think an hour 40, an hour 45 is a great period for a race and that’s traditionally what we’ve had.

“I think it’s a good time period. Some people say ‘let’s have shorter races because the public’s attention span is shorter these days’.

“Well, with modern technology you can package the sport in whichever way people want to watch it.

“What we have to do is develop the sport so there is as much entertainment as possible during that period.”