Briatore: Vettel is ‘not the best’

Date published: October 13 2011 - Editor

Flavio Briatore has not joined those singing Seb Vettel’s praises, saying he only won because he made the best of the best car…

While most are singing Sebastian Vettel’s praises, Flavio Briatore has not joined the chorus, saying he only won because he made the best of the best car.

Vettel wrapped up his second successive Drivers’ Championship with a third-placed finish in last Sunday’s Japanese GP. It was the German’s 14th podium finish from 15 races, including nine race victories.

However, former Renault team boss Briatore reckons his back-to-back triumph does not make Vettel the best driver on the grid.

“Vettel is definitely good but he won because he better managed a phenomenal machine,” he told Corriere dello Sport.

“He is not the best.

“Suppose there was a race where they all run the same car: Well Vettel would be behind Fernando Alonso, who would won, and also behind Lewis Hamilton.”

However, the Italian does concede that when it comes to qualifying, Vettel is the best.

“On one lap I see him in pole position, always assuming a comparison with the same car. Second Hamilton, Alonso third.”