Brown backs ‘future champ’ Vandoorne


Despite Eric Boullier recent criticism of Stoffel Vandoorne, Zak Brown says he still has faith in the McLaren driver who could be a “future World Champion.”

Vandoorne has struggled in his first full season in Formula 1, falling well short of his team-mate Fernando Alonso.

This led McLaren racing director Boullier to state that the Belgian driver’s “form was not as good as expected.”

Boullier, though, did add that he expects Vandoorne will find his feet sooner rather than later.

That is a sentiment echoed by McLaren chief Brown, who reckons in Vandoorne the Woking has a possible future World Champ.

“We’re happy with Stoffel,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“He’s in a difficult situation going up against Fernando Alonso and then the lack of reliability, Fernando can adapt to a lot of these issues quicker than Stoffel.

“We think he’s a future World Champion and we don’t expect any change there.”