Brown denies McLaren are in ‘crisis’ mode


McLaren executive director Zak Brown has dismissed suggestions that the team have reached "crisis" point after another disruptive day of winter testing.

The MCL32 broke down twice within an hour on the penultimate day of testing at the Circuit de Cataluyna, restricting Stoffel Vandoorne to 48 laps with the Australian Grand Prix fast approaching.

McLaren-Honda cancelled plans to hold a joint press-conference on Thursday, but Brown has still sent out a defiant message.

"We have problems, clearly we have problems," Brown told the Sky Sports F1 channel. "But 'crisis' is a bit strong."

"We have a long-term contract. We have won a lot of championships with them, they have the right people, we have the right people, so we are going to work through it together."

Brown also believes Honda are fully committed to resolving their ongoing issues and there is no suggestion whatsoever of a potential break-up between the duo.

However, Brown did admit that the Australian Grand Prix is a daunting prospect at this stage.

"I don't think so, they've given no indication of that [Honda wanting to leave]," he added. "There has been no talk of anything other than getting to the front of the grid."

"Melbourne is going to be tough.

"I'll be surprised if we are where we need to be or where we want to be by Melbourne so it will be a tough start to the year.

"But we've been given assurances that they will do everything they can to give us the best possible power unit. We know what the issues are and we know how to address them.

"We are seeing improvements every day and that's what is most important. They're on it."