Brown ‘in disbelief’ over Alonso woes


McLaren boss Zak Brown was in a "state of disbelief" after watching Fernando Alonso's FP1 end abruptly, but had no issue with him heading off to play tennis.

Alonso is inching closer to a grid penalty after taking on new power unit elements at his home grand prix and Brown was pained to see the events unfold so early into the weekend.

“Sadness… disappointment… just kind of a state of disbelief,” Brown said about his thoughts on Alonso grinding to a halt on his out-lap in FP1.

“But you then can’t cry over spilt milk, so [it was about] quickly getting to turning your attention to Stoffel [Vandoorne’s] car and seeing what we learn there.

“He’s gone alright today all things considered, he’s done an exceptional job, then you hope to learn by whatever caused the failure.”

Alonso swiftly left the track as a new power unit was fitted to his MCL32 and went to play tennis instead, something Brown has no issue with.

“I think anything Fernando can do to exercise his frustration is a good thing,” he added.

“If you go sit in a room you just don’t exercise, [you need to] get some energy out, you get built up energy, you expect to go out and do an hour and a half and end up doing something substantially less than that.

“I think going and doing other activities to get your mind off it is healthy.”