‘Budget cap would benefit Williams’


Claire Williams believes Williams would not only benefit from more equitable distribution of income in Formula 1 but also the introduction of a budget cap.

Last month new owners Liberty Media could control of Formula 1 and brought in former Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn as the new head of sporting matters.

The Englishman has already stated that he is keen to put budget caps back on the table, insisting that Formula 1 has never truly embraced the idea.

Added to that Liberty Media want fairer distribution of Formula 1’s prize money.

Should either of those come into being, Williams’ deputy team boss reckons her team, which runs at a third of Ferrari’s budget, would benefit.

“Liberty have talked about trying to bring distribution of income to a much more equitable level in order to make sure we have a sport that thrives and is sustainable into the future,” Autosport reports Williams as having said during a SPOBIS summit in Germany.

“Williams is an independent team and our budget’s around the mid-point among other teams in our sport.

“For us in the middle, it gives us quite an exciting future because if they do bring about a more equitable distribution of income, obviously we will benefit from that.

“We are a team that is able to thrive at that mid-range whereas bigger teams might have to compress what they do, maybe make people redundant if they put a cap on the number of employees or put a cap on spending through budget caps.

“So we’re looking forward to getting round the table and having those competitions.”