Buenos Aires long circuit in 2019 contention

Date published: September 6 2017

The Argentinian Grand Prix could form part of the 2019 Formula 1 calendar with the longer Buenos Aires circuit making a return.

It has been 19 years since Argentina was last on the schedule, but FIA race director Charlie Whiting used the summer break to visit the Autodromo Oscar Alfredo Galvez and assess its suitability to host Formula 1 races again.

"I was asked to go to see what would need to be done to bring it back up to Formula One standards," Whiting told Canal F1 Latam in Italy.

"I had a good look around the track, wrote a comprehensive report about what I felt needed to be done."

"Now of course it’s up to the potential promoters to see if they can actually get that done."

There have been many iterations of the Buenos Aires circuit, but the most appealing would be a return to the 5.9km circuit that was used between 1974 and 1981.

"As you’d expect with any track that hasn’t had Formula 1 for 20 years there are a few things to be done," he added.

"But nothing massive. You’d expect it to be resurfaced, you’d need probably new walls and things like that put in it."

"But I think the main thing would be to make the track more interesting by using some of the old, very long circuit.

"And I think that’s what would make it really a super track for F1 if it can be done.

"The plan, or the proposed plan, is to make a much faster circuit than we used back in the late nineties. I’m sure they could have a race in 2019."