Button: 100% sure the car is safe

Date published: March 13 2015 - Editor

Jenson Button spent hours going through the data relating to Fernando Alonso's crash in order to ensure his MP4-30 was safe.

Alonso, Button's new team-mate at McLaren, spent three nights in hospital having suffered a concussion when he crash during the penultimate test at Barcelona.

There are still many rumours doing the rounds about the crash and what may have happened while the FIA have revealed they are still investigating the accident.

Button, though, says he's happy to get into the car this weekend in Melbourne as he is adamant that car is safe.

"I will not get into a car unless I am 100 per cent sure it is safe," the Telegraph reports him as having said.

"I spent hours going through the data with the engineers and talking to them about the incident and he did not as far as I am aware get an electric shock and there was nothing wrong with the car whatsoever.

"I needed to know that before getting into the car at the next test so I made sure of it. When you are driving a Formula One car at the limit, you need to be sure.

"I trust these guys and that is why I have the confidence to drive it this weekend.

"Everything is working correctly."