Button backs clamp down on moving under braking


Jenson Button says the FIA’s ruling clamping down on moving under braking is “common sense more than anything else.”

On Saturday, F1 race director Charlie Whiting issued a directive to the teams stating that moving under braking will not be tolerated.

“Any change of direction under braking which results in another driver having to take evasive action will be considered abnormal and hence potentially dangerous to other drivers,” read Whiting’s note to the teams.

The ruling has been welcomed by Button, who reckons moving under braking is a new problem in Formula 1 and one that could have serious consequences.

“I think this is the correct ruling,” said the 2009 World Champ.

“To be fair we started a long time ago in this sport, and I think there’s always been a good understanding that it’s incorrect to move in the braking zone when somebody’s trying to overtake, because when you’re trying to overtake, everything’s on the limit.

“You’re on the limit, you’re pushing the boundaries, you’re on the edge of out-of-control.

“As soon as somebody moves in front of you and takes the space you were aiming for, you’re screwed.

“You’re either going to go over the top of them or you’re going to miss them, and end up in the barriers.

“It’s common sense more than anything else, and for 15 years of racing, we haven’t really had any issues. It’s just the last couple of years we have.

“So it’s clear, they’ve clarified it, and I’m happy about that.”