Button: Competitive car only criteria for 2017 seat


Jenson Button says he would consider another season in Formula 1 but only if he can "be competitive and fight for good results."

The 36-year-old is once again out of contract with McLaren at the end of this season with recent reports suggesting he could be eyeing a return to Williams for 2017.

Should he continue, Button will once again be witness to a new era in the sport as sweeping changes are set to alter the face of F1.

But rather than focusing on the new regulations, Button says his decision hinges on whether he has a competitive ride.

"I think more what happens this year influences what I want to do next year," he said in an interview with F1i.com. "How I feel with how the cars are.

"I have a good understanding of how the cars will feel next year but I want to be in a position where I can be competitive and fight for good results – at least be in the mix – and that's what will keep me in the sport."

And although the 2009 World Champion did not specifically weigh in on the Williams rumours, he did admit while he would like to remain with McLaren, the Woking team or retirement are not his only options.

He added: "My mind is to be competitive next year and to race and enjoy racing. And to be able to see the front at least! I’d love to do that here and I hope this team is in that situation."

As for suggestions that a Mercedes seat could be on offer, Button said: "Any human being that likes racing cars would say yes they would do that because it’s the quickest car by a second.

"So any driver whether he’s in love with Ferrari or hates Mercedes cars, he will still drive that car because he has the best chance of being World Champion. There’s only one guy that can beat him, so…"

And although Button would be 37 at start of next year's championship, he reckons he still has a lot of offer any team as he says he is a better driver than he was back in 2009 when he won the World title with Brawn.

"I’ve gained more experience, I’ve found myself in situations where I’m under pressure more, especially in 2009," he explained.

"The only way I can judge it is that I haven’t lost reaction and I’ve gained experience. So there’s no reason to say anything else, I should be a better driver.

"My fitness is better than when I was 29, I understand a Formula 1 car better than when I was 29 and I’ve had more experiences. So I should be a better driver."