Button denies ‘Formula Desperate’ comment

Date published: June 30 2016 - Editor

Jenson Button has refuted claims he described Formula 1 as ‘Formula Desperate’, saying the quotes are “total rubbish.”

Brazil’s UOL Esporte recently quoted the Brit as having said: “I feel that there are many drivers who should have learned more than they did learn before arriving in F1.

“They are very erratic. It’s like they are driving in ‘Formula Desperate’ they look like they’re always so desperate.

“That sort of behaviour should have stopped by the time a driver arrives in F1.

“By the time your career reaches this level, you should already be smart enough to know what to do with the car and how to race for position.”

Button, though, insists he never said that.

In a series of tweets he said: “‘Formula Desperate’ this is supposedly a quote from me about young drivers in F1 but it’s total rubbish, I never said that.”

In fact he feels the “young talent in F1 have done an incredible job at such a young age.”