Button: Drivers must show some love


Jenson Button says it is up to the drivers to lead the charge in reviving enthusiasm for Formula 1.

Ever since the sport swapped to 1.6-litre V6 engines, F1 has come in for stick from drivers and fans alike.

Too slow, too quiet, too many rules and not enough racing are the general complaints while Mercedes domination isn't helping the situation.

Button, though, says if the drivers want the fans to stick around they have to do their part by showing their love for the sport.

He told Autosport: "It's, for myself first of all, enjoyment of driving because that's a massive part of the sport.

"When you see us [the drivers] loving it more, I think the fans will love it more, too."

But, having said that, the McLaren driver is not blind to the problems facing Formula 1.

The FIA has proposed several changes for next season which will make the cars louder and faster and Button reckons it is looking promising.

"They will be positive changes. The cars will look better on track.

"I don't think the racing is bad now, and making the cars quicker through corners will be a good thing, so long as it is done in a way which doesn't hurt the racing.

"Mechanical grip is massively important, and with downforce, we have to find a way of doing it so it doesn't affect the dirty air of cars and make it more difficult to overtake."