Button excited by new ownership


After it was announced that Formula 1 has been bought by Liberty Media group, Jenson Button has said that it is good for the sport as it will attract a younger fan base.

The American media company stressed the fact that they will be improving Formula 1’s distribution of content, especially on digital platforms, which according to Button, is a key factor in the evolution of the sport.

The Brit, who recently announced that he will be taking a sabbatical in 2017, agreed with Bernie Ecclestone’s comments about not being suited for the role of F1 chief anymore after it was announced what direction Liberty Media Group will be pursuing.

Ecclestone will, however, continue to run the sport for the next three years, but his exit is on the horizon once the American media company finds their feet, something the 2009 World Champion is fully supportive of.

“I agree with Bernie that that is probably not his strong point, I don’t think he understands apps on phones so he has a lot to learn and I’m sure he will,” he told Sky Sports News.

“This will definitely help the future of the sport, most sports are going down a certain directions with apps and Formula 1 is behind in that area and getting out to a younger audience.

“At the moment our audience is people that watched me start in Formula 1 and they are still watching Formula 1. We don’t really have a young audience at the moment.

“So we need help in that area and that is the way the sport will grow worldwide and not just in the countries where it is strongest, like the UK and Japan and other countries in Europe.

“I think the continuity of Bernie being in charge day to day is exactly what it needs. He’s got quite a lot of experience of working in Formula 1 and directing the sport in the right way.

“The funny thing is that the States is probably the only place that has been difficult for Formula 1 to break into over the years. We have the Austin grand prix, which to be fair is always a full house, but that is one small race for the size of America. So hopefully this is going to help the sport break into the States.”