Button: Good things to come


Jenson Button says it was time spent speaking with Ron Dennis and McLaren's engineers that persuaded him to stay on for another season.

Late last month many expected Button to announce that he was retiring from Formula 1. Instead McLaren confirmed him for 2016.

This led to some speculation that Button had played the PR game to ensure he got the pay rise – £8 million to £12 million – that his initial contract specified.

The Brit, though, insists it was positive talks – and many of them – that persuaded him to stay on at McLaren.

"I had thoughts about what direction I would take if I wasn't here next year, what I could possibly do, but it wasn't in my mind for very long," he said.

"There were things I needed more information on about where this team is going, and that's why I spent a lot of time with Ron on the phone.

"I have been in the MTC with the engineers and aerodynamicists running me through everything so I have a good understanding of the future.

"I have always given everything, 100 per cent, in my career. Every second of every day has been about Formula One.

"To be able to do that for another year, I needed to know there was something positive – and I definitely feel there are a lot of good things coming.

"We will make a step forward this winter. That is what was exciting, to see there is a lot happening."

But whether it will lead to race wins in 2016, the 2009 World Champion isn't willing to give into false hope.

"I don't know. I wouldn't say 'Yes' because I don't know. It would be a big step forward if we could win a race next year but the package is still very young.

"You can't put positions on it because you don't know what other people are going to do. It's just the ideas the team have, the focus they have. There are many other reasons why I'm much happier with where the team is and the future of the team."