Button: I was floating around


Jenson Button aptly described the conditions in Austin when he said was "floating around the circuit" during qualifying.

Although the forecast was for better weather on Sunday morning, the rain was still bucketing down as the drivers took to the track for the delayed qualifying session.

The downpour grew steadily worse as Q2 began resulting in Race Control finally cancelling qualifying ahead of Q3.

Button said: "Half way through the session it was way too wet.

"You can just drive slower but the problem is you don't know where the aquaplaning is.

"There is water all around the circuit but some of it is a lot deeper than other areas but you can't see it until you are off, going backwards.

"I lost the rear in 10 and 11 and suddenly you have no grip after that because the tread moves in a funny direction."

The Brit qualified in 14th place but will line up 12th on the grid due to penalties for both Ferrari drivers.

The McLaren driver added: "The last couple of laps I was just cruising around and the team was like come on just one big push.

"But I'm floating around the circuit."