Button: Info overload bad for F1


Drivers get way too much information when they are in the cockpit and it is taking the fun out of the sport. That's the view of Jenson Button.

There have been suggestions in recent months that Formula 1 is becoming too boring with current BBC F1 commentator David Coulthard suggesting drivers are "not being pushed physically or mentally".

Former Williams and McLaren driver and current IndyCar racer Juan Pablo Montoya went even further as he feels "the driver is now lazy."

"They see [the temperature] is too much they back off the pace," the Colombian said. "Look at the tyres, back off the pace, look at the brakes, back off the pace. If you take all that away it becomes a feel thing again. If you drive it too hard you’re going to wear the tyres off the car.

"The driver and the team just have too much information."

Button believes Montoya's assessment is spot on and says drivers need to learn about their tyres, conditions and other things while they are out on the track.

"Juan Pablo, when he raced, there weren't all these sensors," the 2009 World Champion said. "When we were both racing back then, when you got into Formula 1, it was about learning about the tyres, about finding your feet, learning stuff for yourself.

"It wasn't about the team telling you how hard to push through one corner and how hot the tyres are getting through another.

"You had to feel it for yourself. For me that was a lot more fun.

"There's a lot more information on offer now, which you're going to take if you're a new driver.

"But for me it was an area where you could work and improve yourself, and you could do a better job than other drivers and it could make a difference.

"Now it's not the case, so I agree with Juan Pablo, which is very unusual!"