Button: It was a fun race


McLaren driver Jenson Button has remained upbeat after he missed out on points at the Chinese Grand Prix despite being the in top 10 for most of the race.

Finishing in a disappointing P13 behind teammate Fernando Alonso, Button explained that although it was not good enough there were still some positives to take out of the GP, especially when they were battling for position with the quicker cars of the grid.

"I think I was running well into the top ten, I think we were seventh, something like that, battling out there overtaking people and them overtaking us, it was good," the 2009 World Champion admitted.

"I thought we were in a good position but we were on the medium tyre and stood still compared to everyone else, where our pace on the option was pretty good in the first stint. It was fun racing it with the quick cars for a while!"

However, as the race progressed it was clear that they didn’t have the pace to remain the top 10 as the faster F1 cars overtook the McLaren duo with ease during the second half of the GP.

Button added that he hopes it was an error in strategy rather than a lack of power from the car that caused them to drop down the grid during the Chinese Grand Prix.

"After the safety car we put on the medium and I'm not sure it was the right [choice], we'll have to look at the data," he said.

"Everyone else was on the soft tyre and it was just really, really difficult in terms of pace.

"We'll have to see if that was the right tyre to have on the car or not. If it wasn't then we had a chance of battling into the points, but if it was the right choice then we're still away from the points.

"Hopefully we made the wrong strategy call putting on the medium because if we didn't we're not quick enough to be in the points at the moment, because nothing else went wrong so I'm hoping that was the wrong choice and we made a mistake there.

"Maybe our pace just isn't good enough, or make it was the wrong choice of tyre, we'll have to have a look."