Button: It was worth the wait


McLaren made Jenson Button sweat quite a bit over the past few months, but the 2009 World Champ is just happy that the team decided to retain him in the end.

With Fernando Alonso returning to Woking for the 2015 campaign, McLaren had to decide between Button and rookie Kevin Magnussen for the second race seat.

The team decided to go with experience in the end and, although he expressed his frustrations several times while he was made to wait by the team, Button is delighted that he will spend his 16th season in F1 at McLaren.

“First of all it is very special to be sat up here as a race driver for McLaren-Honda, and alongside this guy [Alonso],” the 2009 World Champion said.

“As you know it has been quite a long few weeks, but sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for. My 16th year in F1, and more importantly my sixth with McLaren. I am not one to shy away from new challenges in life and I think this is a really exciting challenge; it really does mean a lot to me. To race alongside this guy is a big challenge, but an exciting challenge. I am very much looking forward to it.

He added: “I did reflect on life outside F1 and it is nowhere near as fun as life inside from what I have seen. My heart has always been here, to race for McLaren and with Honda. I have had some very special times racing with Honda, and some difficult times as well, but there is a lot we can do together and achieve together which means a lot to me. It is definitely a decision that was worth waiting for, and I am very happy to be here now.”