Button: It’s all about the race wins


Jenson Button insists the final six races of the season won’t be a procession even though Seb Vettel has all but wrapped up the 2011 title…

Jenson Button insists the final six races of the season won’t be a procession even though Sebastian Vettel has all but wrapped up the 2011 title.

Defending World Champion Vettel enjoys an astonishing 112-point lead over second-placed Fernando Alonso in the Drivers’ Championship with Button a further five points adrift. With only 150 points still up for grabs and the title race all but over, the chasing pack are determined to slug it out for the P1 finishes.

“Yeah, there’s no chance,” Button said when asked if Vettel has secured the title.

“We’ve known that for a little while, but as drivers you want a bit of hope. It won’t change anything though. We’re still going to have amazing racing, like it has been in the last few races.

“Whatever we do, because we are racers, competitive, be it driving in F1, karting or triathlons, you want to win. That doesn’t suddenly change because there’s no Championship to win. You still want to win every race.

“The emotion when you cross the line to win a grand prix is…it’s very different to winning a World Championship. You build up to win a World Championship, whereas a race is just there. Suddenly you’ve won and it’s such an amazing experience. So the racing is still going to be great, and that’s what we love.”

Button has managed to leapfrogged team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the Drivers’ Championship thanks to some impressive results in his last three races. He won the Hungarian GP, came third in Belgium and found himself second behind Vettel at this weekend’s Italian GP.

It would be a feather in Button’s cap if he finishes the season ahead of Hamilton as the 2008 World Champion has never been beaten by a team-mate.

Button, though, insists it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

“It will probably change more for you guys (the media) than anything in the team for us.

“The points don’t mean so much at the end of the year unless you win the Championship, so I don’t care about the points.

“I’m happy with the way I’m driving, with what the team are doing, with the way the car is, and that’s the most important thing.

“If I continue driving like this then I’ll be happy at the end of the year.”

Despite his good record in the last three races, Button has urged McLaren to sort out the “little things” if they want to give Red Bull a proper run for their money.

“We’ve had a couple of little mistakes, even in the last few races,” he added.

“That hurts you when you’re fighting against Red Bull and Sebastian because they are pretty flawless at the moment.

“Seb complained on Sunday about having a bad start – he lost one place! I went from third to sixth.

“So it’s something we need to work on, to get everything together. You can’t challenge them unless you do.

“Our pace is there, I feel good in the car, I feel confident. It’s just getting everything together and then we can really fight for the wins.”