Button: Less balls, more caressing


Jenson Button, the most experienced driver of the current generation, says Formula 1 still gives him a 'buzz' despite the numerous regulation changes over the years. 

“It's very different. It's less balls now and more caressing. It's still Formula One, we're still racing against the best drivers in the world so it's a real buzz, but it's a very different feeling driving than back then and that was only four years ago.” 

Button admits that some changes have to be made to how the car is driven, citing the famous Copse corner at Silverstone as an example. 

“I went through Copse a couple of times and I had oversteer all the way through and I was like 'Wow, this is not what I remember'. Then I remembered 'Be on throttle at all times' so I went in to the corner, kept my foot down, just braked on the throttle, exhaust blowing, and had massive amounts of rear grip all the way through the corner. I love that," he said.

There is a downside however, as Button explained.

"The thing is now every time you touch the throttle, if you have the slightest bump your foot moves on the throttle and because there's so much torque you get a snap of oversteer and you end up wallowing all the way through the corner."

The Briton, who made his debut in 2000, has clocked 272 races over the past 16 seasons.