Button: No ulterior motive for GPDA letter


After a letter was sent by the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association pleading for a say in the decision making of the sport, McLaren driver Jenson Button said that it was not a motivation letter for them to have more power.

Playing down the criticism of the letter, which was co-signed by Button, Sebastian Vettel and GPDA President Alex Wurz, the Brit said that the racers have no intention of taking control of the sport but they just merely want to be consulted about certain decisions that affect them.

"I think people maybe took it in the wrong way. It wasn't just 3 GPDA members it was the drivers as a whole united,” the former World Champion told crash.net.

"There are people who think we have another motive for putting out the letter, which is completely rubbish.

"The reason we put the letter out is because we think there are things that need to change and we want to help. We don't want a different position, we don't want to run the sport, because we are not good at that.

"We are very emotional about our decisions but we drive the cars and we have an opinion on the sport and even if it is a small amount.

"There are times where we have tried and we thought it was useful to make a public statement for fans as well, to see where we stand and they seem to agree with a lot of our opinions as well."