Button on ‘Formula Desperate’ youngsters

Date published: June 29 2016 - Editor

Jenson Button has slammed the youngsters of F1, calling them erratic for their dangerous driving and that they should not have entered the sport so young.

Currently, Button is F1’s most experienced active driver and if he start every race from now unti the end of the season he will match Michael Schumacher’s race tally of 308 entries.

The 2009 World Champion also added that it is expected that if you are good enough to race on the grid then you should be aware of the safety measures that come with it.

“I feel that there are many drivers who should have learned more than they did learn before arriving in F1,” He is is quoted by Brazil’s UOL Esporte.

“They are very erratic. It’s like they are driving in ‘Formula Desperate’  they look like they’re always so desperate.

“That sort of behaviour should have stopped by the time a driver arrives in F1.

“By the time your career reaches this level, you should already be smart enough to know what to do with the car and how to race for position.

The Brit also offered his advice to the young drivers on the grid, claiming that they should watch old videos of Schumacher to see learn how to race properly.

“These new drivers need to watch more of Michael’s races,” he continued.

“Because although he always raced very hard, at the same time he was always very correct in the way he fought.”