Button: Podium out of McLaren’s reach


Jenson Button has jumped to the defence of Honda on the back of another disastrous weekend for McLaren, but he concedes the team are unlikely to claim a podium this year.

The renewed McLaren-Honda partnership got off to a stuttering start, but the team appeared to be making progress in Monaco as they scored their first points of the campaign in the Principality.

Honda then opted to use two of their in-season engine development tokens ahead of the Canadian GP, but they didn't reap the rewards as they would've hoped as both Button and Fernando Alonso retired on Sunday.

Although he admits they are unlikely to appear on the podium this season, Button says they are all in it together.

"It is one team, not Honda and McLaren, McLaren chose to work with Honda and that is the way it is. We won't get a podium this year but we have to do the work, or you don't deserve a podium," he is quoted as saying by The Telegraph.

"We all get frustrated. What else are we going to do? Some people go, 'right this is the issue so let's solve it quicker'. Throwing a brick through the window doesn't help anybody."