Button: Policing new radio ban impossible

Date published: March 18 2016 - Editor

As Formula 1 clamps down on radio communications with the drivers, Jenson Button has warned that it won't be easy task to police.

This season the powers-that-be have opted to increase the limit on radio communications between the pit wall and the drivers.

The move is aim at making life a bit more difficult for the drivers and therefore potentially more interesting for the fans.

Button, though, feels the FIA will have a difficult time policing the new limits.

"They won't be listening to every radio message, so we'll have to see how it goes," said the McLaren driver.

"Hopefully they can listen to as much as possible to make it as fair as possible.

"It definitely helps the more experienced drivers. You go into the data and you learn everything you can. Whereas you become lazy if you've been in the sport for a few years.

"I remember the days when we had no information about what was going on, so I'm looking forward to it. It definitely will add something.

"It's just policing it is obviously pretty much impossible."

Added to that the Brit has ruled out the ban having any major impact on grand prix weekends.

"I think it'll settle down after the first few. Personally, I've always felt that qualifying is the least of our problems, really, in the sport.

"But… a small change, it makes it interesting for the people who do their homework, do a better job preparing.

"Same as the radio, not being able to use the radio – the engineers not being able to feed us information, same thing. People will make mistakes for the first few races and then it'll be back to normal.

"You just have to make sure you do a good job and… it might help us for the first few races.

"I think it's tougher for the guys at the front, especially the qualifying format, cause they can't just wait until the last moment of Q1 and do a lap that's average, they have to push."