Button urges McLaren to follow Ferrari’s lead


Jenson Button has urged McLaren to follow Ferrari’s lead and close the gap on Mercedes in Formula 1.

McLaren endured an atrocious 2015 season as partners Honda frantically tried to develop the power unit over the course of the year, but Ferrari made genuine strides in reducing Mercedes’ dominance.

However, Button believes that if Ferrari can do it, McLaren can too.

"It was great to see them [Ferrari] pick up the pace," Button told reporters.

"I heard rumours they found a hundred horsepower over the winter. I don't know if that's true or not. 

"But whatever they found, it was massive and they took the fight to Mercedes on many occasions. It was good to see. Obviously, we need to make even bigger steps if we want to achieve that, but it can be done over a winter."

Much of McLaren’s fate will rest with Honda and the strides they make with the car’s engine over the winter, but Button says McLaren cannot afford to hide behind their suppliers’ troubles.

"I think there are always issues on both sides, but I don't think Honda get blamed for everything, I don't think that at all. We had a lot of issues this year. We've got to resolve them as quick as possible because next season is not far away. 

"It's going to be a long, hard winter for us, but an exciting one as well, as there is a lot coming."