Button: Verstappen’s driving was dangerous

Date published: July 29 2016 - Editor

Jenson Button says Max Verstappen’s driving against Kimi Raikkonen in Hungary was “dangerous” as he was moving around in the braking zone.

Raikkonen was furious with the Red Bull racer as they fought over fourth place in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver felt that Verstappen had moved more than once to defend his position, resulting in minor contact between the two.

Verstappen’s actions in Budapest are slated for discussion in the Friday’s drivers’ briefing at this weekend’s German Grand Prix.

“As drivers, we all know that moving in the braking zone is the most dangerous thing you can do – because the guy [behind] is going at 300km/h and he probably hasn’t hit the brakes yet,” Button said.

“So, yeah, moving is a no-no and he [Verstappen] obviously did move in the braking zone. I can understand Kimi’s frustration.”

He added: “Moving in the braking zone is not racing, it’s dangerous.”

And he’s not the only one who feels that way.

Sergio Perez told reports in Hockenheim: “I think that was too much, too much moving under braking and it’s something that we need to clarify.

“We sometimes see drivers over-defending position and it can be quite dangerous if you are moving under braking, just in the last moment.”