Button: We’re not the best car out there


As the fourth Grand Prix of the season approaches in Russia, McLaren-Honda driver Jenson Button has admitted that they are not in an ideal position at the moment.

Button and his teammate Fernando Alonso have both failed to pick up any points this season, with reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne being the only one to do so.

Although the Honda-powered McLaren has showed some improvement after their torrid season last year, the 2009 World Champion explained that they are still miles behind Mercedes and Ferrari.

"I'm sure it's not the best car out there either," the 36-year-old told ESPN.

"There's areas we need to improve on the car, as well as the power unit, so you can't just point a finger at one area that needs to be improved. Bahrain, you wouldn't have thought it would have been a circuit that suited us, but I think the pace was pretty good and I had a chance of getting a good result.

"I mean in terms of trying to find the power that Mercedes and Ferrari have I think that is always going to be difficult when you are behind because they are always improving, so it's difficult to make a big step forward of ICE power.

"Apart from that, no I don't think there is any real sticking point, we're improving as we sort of expect. The car is pretty good, I don't think it's as good as a Ferrari or a Mercedes but there aren't many cars I don't think apart from those two that are stronger than us."