Button will stay if he has a ‘competitive’ car


Jenson Button will only remain in Formula 1 next season if he is in a car that is “competitive.”

The 36-year-old is out of contract at the end of this season and has been linked to a move to Williams, the team where he begun his F1 career.

McLaren-Honda and Williams are not his only choices for the future with the 36-year-old conceding that retirement is also an option.

In fact, retirement is what he could lean toward if there is not the possibility of a competitive car for 2017.

“If I am racing next year, I will only be racing if I am in a car that is competitive,” he told reporters.

“I have enjoyed the journey the last year and a half, but there is a point where you feel you have done enough and you can’t give any more to the project to help it move forward.

“Hopefully, a little further into this season, we will see where we are and hopefully it will be a good place to be, or somewhere else is a good place to be, and I can challenge for podiums or victories and I will stay.

“I only want to be in F1 next year if I feel it is going to be competitive and enjoyable.”

He added: “It is my decision whether I want to stay in F1 or do something else. I won’t walk away if I’m competitive.”

In a separate interview with Sky Sports, Button said he may even stay in the sport for a further two years, if he is competitive.

“It’s obviously getting to the point now where I need to start thinking about my future, which is a shame because it’s only July, but it seems that people are impatient and want to know as soon as possible. But I need to start thinking about my future,” he said.

“If I feel I can be in Formula 1 and be in a competitive car and be close to podiums or fight for podiums, that’s exciting. Then, if I feel that with my input I can possibly be in Formula 1 the following year, and then have a chance of winning – then yes, of course I want to be here.”